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5 Automotive Promotional Products That Add To Your Brand Equity


Businesses are going crazy about online promotion. So much so that some of them have turned a blind eye to offline marketing techniques. While digital marketing strategies do offer rich dividends, their benefits are often blown out of proportion. In fact, local automotive businesses have more to gain from offline marketing than they do on the digital landscape. Whether you are running a car wash or deal in vintage vehicles you need to be discovered, get heard and grab eyeballs. And what better way to do it than automotive promotional products. Here we take a look at five such products that add to your brand equity.

  1. Custom Tailgate – What would it be like to take your promotional campaign wherever you go? With custom tailgates, you can turn your vehicle into the most effective promotional tool. Whether it’s your personal truck or a company van that moves your crew around in the city the attractive wraps on the tailgate adds teeth to your promotional campaign. With high ‘Call to Attention’ potential, it can make a lot of difference to your business. They gather more eyeballs than any other product you can think of.
  2. Swooper Flags – Whether you are looking for a grand opening or want to advertise your next mega sale at your store these flags a great way to make a statement. Large in size they attract attention from a distance and allow you to deliver your message effectively. These are easy to install and you can make use of the same poles for your next marketing campaign by ordering tailored flags. This allows you to manage your seasonal campaigns effectively.
  3. Clip On Window Flags – These can easily be attached to a car or truck and helps in informing your clients about the offer on the vehicle. The sturdy flags can be tailored to your needs and would immediately grab the attention of potential customers who would walk around the vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs on these.
  4. Reusable Balloons – We all love them don’t we? They are symbolic to celebrations and festivity and no wonder wherever we spot balloons we would turn our attention towards that space. This is the exact reason they are widely used in the automotive industry for promotional campaigns. Cheap and reusable, everybody from a small auto repair shop to premium car sellers can use these balloons whenever they want. Make sure you choose bright and eye-catchy colored balloons as they would help you achieve the attention you want.
  5. Impact Numbers & Signs – People dealing in used cars love them given the attention they draw. Being large and prominent they are able to immediately arouse the right kind of desire in the minds of people passing by and increase chances of sales. Apart from those dealing in used cars, even carwash service providers are using innovative strategies to use these signs and numbers.

Each of these products can be tailored to meet your exact branding requirements. You need to remember that the possibilities with automotive promotional products aren’t bound by any limits and you can stretch your imagination wide to create the perfect show.