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An Audi Q7 Test-Drive Reveals a Full-Size SUV with a Sporty Side

A full-size sport utility vehicle might make a practical choice for many families and others, but vehicles of this class are rarely very exciting. While there might often be plenty of impressive things about such a large, ponderous machine, driving-related thrills tend to be in short supply. That is fine by most buyers who gravitate toward this end of the spectrum, with concerns like crash safety and visibility taking precedence. At the same time, few would turn down the chance to own a vehicle that delivers both all the usual full-size SUV advantages and also quite a bit more.

Audi’s newest refresh for the well-regarded Q7 is meant to do exactly this. While adhering closely to the various guidelines that tend to make for success in the full-size segment, the company’s engineers have also sought, in notable fashion, to add a new dimension of appeal. While the Q7 was previously regarded as one of the sportier and more effervescent vehicles in a class not generally known for either quality, it did not necessarily stand out in especially striking fashion in these particular respects.

The new Q7, on the other hand, promises at very first sight to be more successful. For one thing, the engineers behind the vehicle have trimmed its weight by hundreds of pounds in each and every configuration. With a reduction of well over six hundred pounds for the trim that performance-hungry buyers will prefer, things look good for the new Q7 right out of the gate.

It is with an Audi Q7 testdrive, though, that it becomes clear that the company’s designers did their job well. The Q7 floats luxuriously along any highway, with a pneumatic suspension doing a fine job of taking the rattles and bumps out of the ride along the way. At the same time, the Q7 can also easily be prodded beyond this most common of SUV gaits to achieve levels of performance that will make even a jaded owner smile. While no full-size SUV will ever satisfy the Michael Schumacher that lives inside many drivers, the new Q7 delivers enough performance and power that it can still be quite a lot of fun.