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UTV Modifications

Utility Terrain Vehicle or UTV is a revolutionized All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) mainly on carrying more than 1 rider for off road adventures or hauling farm stuffs. Besides being used for farming, a UTV can also serve as a great recreational vehicle used for off-roading. Just like a truck or SUV, you can modify it with parts and accessories that can make it even more functional and powerful.

Purchasing a UTV can cost you a lot of money. Owning and maintaining one can really drain your pocket. A new UTV roughly costs around $15,000 to $20,000. Being fun off road vehicles, these rides can take you anywhere so they need some good modifications to make every ride safer and more comfortable. Here are some of the most favored aftermarket upgrades for UTVs :

If you want to go off-roading, purchasing a set of mud tires is a must. This type of tires offer excellent traction and an aggressive tread pattern that can handle different elements like mud, rock, and sand. They are more expensive than the regular UTV tires. The brands to watch out for are Douglas, Gorilla, Sedona, Pro Armor, Douglas and Maxxis.

Winches are a must have accessory. A heavy duty winch enables a them to tow or recover a vehicle out of deep mud.

Hard tops. This functional upgrade protects the rider from the getting wet during the rain. It also provides shade under the heat of the unforgiving sun. Windshields also have a similar function; however they also shield the rider from dust, rock and insects. UTV windshields are available in glass and plastic materials.

Roll cages are another favorite aftermarket upgrade. These are reinforcements that protect the rider and passenger typically during off-roading adventures, where accidents have high occurrence.

LED light bars are a must for extreme riders who love to take their UTVs out for a ride during the night.

Another popular UTV upgrade are bumpers and skid plates. These are heavy duty front and rear bumpers that offer greater protection to the UTV. While skid plates protect the underbody of the UTV from road hazards like rocks. Unlike the 4×4 vehicles, UTV skid plates are typically made of durable plastic that also serve as a shock absorber.

Aftermarket shocks are also a UTV must have. They perform better than the stock UTV shocks, providing an improved ride quality.

Upgrading a UTV is a worthwhile investment. Plan and research your mods before purchasing them. Aftermarket parts are readily available for purchase online. The online stores to watch out for are 4 Wheel Online, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Dennis Kirk, Side By Side Stuff, All Sport Racing, JC Whitney and SXS Performance.